Sunday, February 1, 2009

Masago and Sweet Seaweed Salad

This is a quick 'Asian Confusion' salad that I really like. It's very easy and it can be made into a fancy salad if you add sashimi to it. Or you can make it more Asian-confused by wrapping inside a Vietnamese Summer Roll with shrimps.

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The Dish
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Romaine Lettuce - 2 small heart - cut into 2" pieces
Masago Caviar - 3 tbps
Japanese Seasoned Seaweed - 3 tbps
Store bought Miso Dressing - to taste

1-- Tossed salad dressing with lettuce.
2- Sprinkle Masago and Seaweed on top of salad and there you have it.
3 - Serve 4

Thanks to Michelle who gave me the recipe at Christmas.

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The Ceramic
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Kim Westad Hand Thrown Porcelain

I met Kim at the BUST Holiday 08 show. I have much respect to anybody who put lots of slip dots on the wares and make them into nice designs. The picture does not do the nice tactile quality justice. I especially love the surprise details inside the bowl. Her shop at etsy if you want to see more of her work.

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jc said...

very light, refreshing and fishy