Sunday, November 30, 2008

Italian Bean Soup

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The Dish
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Fragioli Soup

Cannelini Beans - 350 gm = soaked overnight with 2 gloves of garlics
Carrots- 2 med = chopped
Onions - 1 large = chopped
Celery - 2 stocks = chopped
Tomatoes - 3 large = diced

Parmagiana Cheese - grated = as much as you like

Herb Stock Cube = disolved in hot water
Optional Wine - 1 cup

1- In hot pan, sautee onion, celery and carrots with some olive oil.
2- Add the drained cannelini beans and tomatoes into the pan; add in wine and cover, let the wine evaporates in the cooking.
3- Add in small amount of stock liquid, barely covering the beans. Do not add too much liquid.
4- Simmer the beans and add in more liquid as needed.
5- The soup is ready when the beans are soft.
6- Serve with shaved parmagiana cheese. (for the non-vegans)

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The Ceramic
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Marisa Arna Porcelain

I bought these Marisa Arna porcelain bowls at the Chelsea Craft Fair a few years back. They are the best handmade bowls. They are the right size for soup and stew. They fit perfectly in the hands and the footrings are at the right spot for holding. Eventhough they are thin, they feel very strong because they are fired to above cone 8 and they are translucent and beautiful. When I moved from London, I have to give them away. I am still crying inside thinking about it.

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Rudy said...

Always a pleasure to see what a real talented artist does on her spare time. Let's see what Ur nxt. adventure will be!